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06-08-2009, 20:25
This forum area is for discussion of housing in Moscow only. It is NOT for real estate listings of any kind, and such posts will be deleted immediately. If you wish to look for or offer real estate, please use the Marketplace (http://www.expat.ru/forum/vbclassified.php) area.

To report a post look for the http://www.expat.ru/forum/images/buttons/report.gif button at the top of each one.

21-08-2009, 17:08
Why is it so confusing and hard to post a piece of info here? It used be easier. When I wanted to post info on search for flat mates, it does not allow me, requested for some posting... I cannot get it. This website should ne easier to navigate, seriously.. Help me, please!

21-08-2009, 17:23
You need five posts in the discussion forums before you can use the marketplace area. TD's sticky makes the new rules about advertising solely in the Marketplace area pretty clear... :)

Any further posts questioning the rule will be shifted to a non-postcount area, poetic justice shall prevail - how much effort does it really take to USE THE FORUMS to participate in discussions just five times before being allowed to advertise, for FREE?