View Full Version : swiss mountain cleaners, VERY serious

06-08-2009, 19:31
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first it was ment as an april fool's joke.
Swiss village is looking for people to clean their mountains.:trampoline:
Meaning, climbing up there, with brushes and water and wash the rocks....:nut:
the joke 'backfired' so many people were genuine interested, the village offeres now a course in mountain cleaning. and you get a diploma at the end of the course.
fair enough, there is more to it now and indeed serious business.
the would be cleaners not only clean the mountains, meaning, removing loose rocks that might come down on mountain climbers or hikers. they also clean up thrash left by others. and can also assist if there might be a need, like first aid or injuries and the sort.
once in a while something nutty turns out to be something good indeed!