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Krasnodar Kid
03-08-2009, 19:11
I was just wondering if there were any other Expats who were living in Krasnodar, or visiting the city on business. As far as I know there are just a few of us here...

04-08-2009, 03:57
Hi my name is Nick, and am a Canadian/Uk citizen although I live in Canada.
I will be arriving in the city some time after the 9th of august.
I am working for a Candian swine genetics company providing advice and technical support to a large hog operation nearby.
I will be interesting in getting in touch with the local expats for socials and advice.
I will be in an apartment in the city some where and have currently got a 90 day business visa.

I will watch this space.


Krasnodar Kid
07-08-2009, 04:02

I think we've already been in contact! I've got the website "Krasnodar Expats" and we have corresponded.

I'll be back in Krasnodar next week, and will send you an e-mail.

07-08-2009, 19:07

I hope to be there soon but no flights booked yet, there is a guy in Canada who is a state vet who will be in the sme organisation as I will be assisting, who says that as restaraunts etc the favorite saying is "no change" is this generally true.Do you have to have to have small change to avoid being over charged?
What is the price for instance for a good botle of wine, loaf of bread, cup of coffee foe instance.
I have a wad of rubles already exchanged is there a max that I can bring in?

Will keep in touch,


Krasnodar Kid
07-08-2009, 19:37

I've not had that experience in years. But, that may be the case when you get to the villages outside of Krasnodar. You might run into the problem of "no change" when it comes to taxi drivers - especially if they know you're a foreigner.

A loaf of bread will cost 15-20 rubles, a liter of milk will cost about 20 rubles. A really good bottle of local wine will cost about 250-300 rubles. But, you can get a decent bottle of wine for less than 100 rubles.

I don't know if you are aware, but Krasnodar is near Russia's top wine region. The area around the Taman peninsula is Russia's "Napa Valley."

As far as grocery shopping, probably the best prices can be found in the Magnit supermarkets. They are everywhere.

No problem bringing the rubles into the country. They don't ask you to declare money anymore. There are also plenty of ATM machines around, so you don't have to worry about exchanging money.

Hope this helps!


07-08-2009, 19:47
They don't ask you to declare money anymore. -not true.
ФТС России :: Правила вывоза и ввоза валюты (http://www.customs.ru/ru/fl_info/valuta/)
Federal Customs Service :: Import of Currency export/import regulations (http://www.customs.ru/en/ftravelers/Currencyexportimportregulations/)

Any currency (including RUB and USD and cheques), total sum 10K USD and more - must be declared if you bring it into Russian Federation. No upper limit ;)

Krasnodar Kid
07-08-2009, 20:10
FatAndy - Thanks for the clarification. In the old days, you had to declare every cent you brought into the country. They dropped that a few years back. I guess with ATMs it was hard to regulate the flow of money into the country.

Didn't know they raised the declaration level up to $10k (same as the US).

BTW, I remember the good ole days when I would travel down to Cyprus and see Russian with bags full of money at the declaration window at the airport.


08-08-2009, 20:33
Yes thanks for that guys. Tom I did not realise you were the Krasnodar kid lol.
I had realised it was a big wine growing area, and am keen to visit some of the vinyards at some point.
I beleive I may be out there next week just a few t's to cross and i's to dot and should be flying Tues/Wed. Just recently got back from a 16 day break in the UK.
Just another little question Internet access is there highspeed available or is it dial up in the city or does it depend on where you are?

Thanks again,

Krasnodar Kid
09-08-2009, 07:30

High speed is available, but some of the companies do not reach all parts of the city. The telephone company (YuTK) charges about 2,000 rubles per month for their DSL service, and the cell phone companies also offer wireless. (prices depend upon speed).

The telephone company (YuTK) has offices around the city, and almost all have "internet clubs". These are rooms with 2-20 computers that are connected to the internet. It costs about 30 rubles per hour.

I'll send you my cell phone number by e-mail. Give me a call when you get into town.


10-08-2009, 10:43
2 Kradnodar Kid:
I guess with ATMs it was hard to regulate the flow of money into the country. - yes, but it's trackable via banks. Requirement on cash declaration AFAIU is established to restrict black cash turnaround.

21-09-2009, 08:20
would like to meet some expat friends :)

29-12-2009, 18:36
Happy New Year!!!:plane: