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03-08-2009, 15:06
Now, everyone knows Moscow is expensive, but how expensive is SPB for living? For example: going to a grocery store - how much you have to spend for a week? And are other goods less expensive as well? And how's appartament rent? In Moscow it's about 20,000 rubbles/month, how much is it in Peter? By the way, what's the cost of petrol in Peter/Moscow?


03-08-2009, 17:43
Cost of apartments rent can be lower, other costs look the same or a bit cheaper. Maybe 5-20%, but not more.

What's better in comparison with Moscow - number of cheaper hotels and food points (not obviously with super tasty food) is higher in SPb.

03-08-2009, 20:01
Apartments run about 10,000R for a room in an average apartment. It will go depending on if its Russian standard, i've heard as low as 4,000R a month and 15,000R will get you a room in an apartment in the center in a western standard apartment.

Food price vary. if you go to Lend you will pay more but its more specialty items but i've found vegetables to be cheaper at the local stores. OKay and the larger stores are cheap but can be a pain to get to if you don't have a car as they are outside of the center. Expect to spend around 2,000r a month maybe more depending on what you like to eat. It can be done for less if you are willing to eat Kashi more often:)

To sum it up food is roughly on par with US prices and apartments can be very cheap but for something comfy expect around 12,000-15,000r for a more western standard.

Hope this helps.

04-08-2009, 07:43
Where are you guys finding apartments for that cheap? Everything I've found in the city has been 30,000r + for a single

04-08-2009, 15:43
Okay, thanks. And what's the average wage for a computer system administrator/web developer/programmer in SPB?

05-08-2009, 04:55
Apartments can be found all over. Call agents or check here

Аренда квартир и комнат в Петербурге. (http://community.livejournal.com/spb_arenda/)

There is another site but i don't have it book marked and I can't find it. I will see what I can do.


No clue on admin jobs but i'm guessing not as much as in the states.

19-10-2009, 01:26
20 000 RUR for the apartment a month?!!! Are your joking? The average price is 40K for a flat without something special. I live in SPb for about 7 years and never heard about these low-end prices. For sure, if you are ready to live with other students or Chinese workers in a dirty flat in a suburbs, may be the price is ok, but not for the person who used to live in a comparatively comfortable conditions.
Moreover, pay attention, that russian agent will ask you for 1 moth interest and you'll have to pay to the house-keeper 2 monthly fees. EG: if you rent 40K apartment you have to pay 120K (about 3,7 K USD).
Never trust fraudsters who will promise you 40% discount or a marvelous apartment for 7K RUR a month. If you need some help, don’t hesitate asking me directly (better send me e-mail). I’m working for expatriate support company in St.Petersburg and not affiliated with any real estate agency.

19-10-2009, 17:41
20 000 RUR for the apartment a month ... is possible..

I was looking for a single last April -- found no prob 3-4 places in 20K range...standard was normal, and i would say pretty good for Russia...
and it was downtown...
of course the one for 40K is almost exclusive standard and no prob finding these

23-10-2009, 22:02
40K? That seems to go for the very high end apartments. I'm in the center and split a 5 room apartment with 2 others. We each have our own room, two bathrooms kitchen and common room. I'm paying well under that and it would be western standard or standard improved. It all depends on how much your willing to look. A lot of time you can find people who are moving out of the city as lots of students rent apartments while they are here and you can skip agent fees. Just look. Last year it took about 7 apartments with my agent before I found one a liked. She seemed to start at the high end price wise and low quality wise. After looking it finally came down to something reasonable.

24-10-2009, 21:03
When I lived in SPB (3 years back) I had a almost western standard flat, everything was up to par except the lack of a water heater, and the kitchen was the size of my current closet. Aside from that, it was 90sq.m. and within 5 min walk to sportivnia metro, and I was paying 600USD a month, at that time the exchange rate was around what it is now, so about.. 18000 rub

I think the trick is to take your time, and use a Russian agency. The western friendly agencies think that you excrete money, and will take you for every dime you're willing to give them, and then some.

Also, even though most/all agencies say they have 100% commissions, please note, that that number is very negotiable. All you have to do is ask.

Aşık melek
30-12-2009, 23:00
the usual price for 1 room apart is 17-20000 roubles. Its is not luxury level, not in the very centre of Piter. but OK. Clean, with modern furniture, TV, internet, all facilities for kitchen & bath room. U can even find 2 rooms flat for 20 000. absolutely no problem. Demand is not big nowadays, plenty of offers and owners easily agree for discounts.
re wages of IT people - it depends..... on his qualification,etc.. he can get 20 000 roubles and 100 000 roubles...

05-01-2010, 19:05
Aşık melek

Is right on target. I have been looking at flats and finding decent flats for one person at the 15,000 range easily. 40,000 would get you a 4 room flat easily. But don't look on websites that target foreigners as they jack up there prices. With proper knowledge and time you can find a nice flat at a good price in a nice area. Example of people jacking up there prices is in another recent thread asking 400 euros for one room in a common flat. Way to much.

So to anyone who finds a flat for 40,000 be careful especially now as flats are not going fast.

21-04-2010, 20:13
Many electronic gadgets in St.Petersburg (as elsewhere in Russia) can cost twice as much as the same items in the West. This applies to nearly all from kitchen appliances to computers.

24-04-2010, 09:38
I currently have a 2 bedroom flat on Malaya Morskaya, right between St Isaacs and Nevsky Prospekt and I pay 23k a month. Prior to this I was living out at Prospekt Veteranov, last stop on the red line, in a one room blockhouse flat and paying 17k. You can easily find a one bedroom in the center for 20k these days.