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23-11-2004, 15:01
Hey, all...Just had a really strange run-in with the kontrolnaya on the trolleybus, and wanted to get some feedback from you all...

I was taking the 'B' from Krasnye Vorota to Mayakovskaya and stupidly forgot to punch my little ticket. As luck would have it, the burly kontrolnaya pulled me off the trolleybus, and then proceeded to tell me that he was going to call the militisa to get me to write a statement about what I had done (!). Then I would need to go the embassy to pay a US$100 fine!

I know that the fine is 100 rubles, which is what I eventually paid. But, what is all this other embassy non-sense about? He said that honourable Mayor Luzhkov had signed a law into effect 2 years ago about this...but I've never heard anything about it...???

Reactions? Other than the 'don't forget to punch your ticket' variety?

23-11-2004, 15:06
Well, funny story :p

They get very inventive :D

Actually this is complete non-sense and basically bull***t :rolleyes:

As usual, they try to scare people, especially foreigners, to get money from them :mad: :agree:

23-11-2004, 15:06
trying to intimidate you into giving him 500 or more rubes?

never heard of this law

23-11-2004, 15:20
Surok's right! Sounds like a load of 'porkie pies' to me. Jeeeeez what will they think of next! :rolleyes: Shame you didn't have the Embassy's number at hand and called them right there and then!

23-11-2004, 15:24
now that's a trick to remember - but I suppose it depends how much bigger the controller is than you...

I once saw four 'controllers', working as a team, hustle a young woman off the trolleybus and shake her down for money - she didn't stand much of a chance. Their ID looked legit, but their behaviour made me think they weren't...

23-11-2004, 15:27
We live in a country where someone really has to watch the cop out :D


And I don't think it's going to change soon :mad:

23-11-2004, 15:39
Thanks all...this confirms my suspision...

The guy actually pulled out his phone and was about dial someone (this when he was referring to the militsia). When he mentioned the $100 fine, I told him that I knew definitively that it was 100 rubles...which is when he relented...

Given that I'm a rather short, petite woman, he was much, much bigger than me...intimidating as all hell...

Indeed, what will they think of next...

Scared me silly tho...i didn't have my documents with me!!!

Maine Surfer
23-11-2004, 16:01
don't worry veejay, just one of those things......Relax, have a margarita :)
As long as you have and willing to part with some amount of money, you are all set in this country.

23-11-2004, 16:06
One thing that works quite well with militsia/security is not talking to them in Russian :p :agree:

Usually they do not understand anything but Russian, if they can not communicate with you, usually they let you go after 30 seconds :D

Always worked for me :agree:

Andy B
23-11-2004, 16:10
Speaking English (and giving a stupid "I don;t understand what you are saying" grin) worked a few times for me also, wouldn't count on it tho!!

DJ Biscuit
23-11-2004, 16:20
They really are inventive and rely heavily on fear and ignorance. I have tried and it worked the following approach: When confronted with the embassy thing I calmly agreed, walked with them to the curb and hailed a cab, when asked what I was doing I told them ''we are going to the embassy as you wished'' To which they offer to accept 100 rubs, I then say I, m paying nothing and let's go to the embassy. Then it's them that become frightened. No fine and quite a laugh.

23-11-2004, 16:25
Nice technique DJB, I'll use it next time :p

23-11-2004, 16:53
I consider myself 'lucky' to have gotten away with a 100 ruble fine...phew...

I foolishly began speaking with him in Russian...but then when he said that I spoke Russian without a problem, and asked him to switch to English, he then brought up the whole 'embassy/police/$100 fine thing'...

It was creepy...:(

Maine -- working my tail off at the moment, so no margarita until later this evening, I'm afraid...but, yes...that would certainly do the trick in terms of calming the frazzled nerves...

DJB -- I did say I'd be talking to the embassy, which seemed to help...still had to pay 100 rubles, but whatever...


Thanks for the support, guys...:-)

ghost 6-3
23-11-2004, 17:16
When I am busted for not paying, I pull out 100 roubles and give it to the guy on the spot. I don't get off to pay, talk to them, or anything.

They give me that little ticket with the orange writing (or whatever) and that is the end of the story.

So the right answer (legally, safely, and morally - you have violated the law) is to pay up immediately and silently on the bus or tram.

Be glad it didn't happen it Italy. 100 Euro fine in Pisa