View Full Version : "N' wifi network at the Dacha

26-07-2009, 18:44
GaNozri: I started a new thread for this one.....

Why do you think you need a "N' network at a Dacha? i thought a dacha will have slow internet connection anyway.
or is range an issue?

Hi guys. Related question: I have "N" wifi on my laptop, but could not find a wifi router which supports "N". Are they not allowed in Russia for some reason? Every salesperson I've asked about it doesn't seem to know what I'm talking about. I want to set up an "N" network at the dacha.

Yup, you can have 'N' here, but the sales-people are nerds in 90% of the shops - they simply don't know their job! Clues are three antenna on the router, as a rule of thumb, because the 'N' standard uses a tri-phased signal (in much the same way as the 108Mbps standard introduced twin antennae and bi-phasic technology to get us all a leg up from 54Mbps).

There are loads of offerings by LinkSys, ZyXEL, Acorp, D-Link and other major manufacturers... :)

Search for WiFi N Routers on Yandex under the Market tab...