View Full Version : Looking for an art market

13-07-2009, 14:44
Does anyone know where I can find art for sale by local or Russian artists in STB?

I have seen the small tourist sales areas off Nevsky Prospekt but this is not really what i am looking for.

I would like to see something like the Moscow art sales area near Gorsky Park...is there anything like that around STB?


Kirill E.
13-07-2009, 16:58
Try this huge on line art collection for sale:
Art Gallery Online. Original Oil Paintings. Academy of Arts Foundation Russia. Oil paintings for sale (http://www.academart.com)
they are in St.Petersburg

15-07-2009, 13:48
Thank you and I guess that is one option. The internet doesn't give that same "feel" as walking around and looking through the displays until you see that one painting, but many thanks for the link.