View Full Version : Temporary Residency through consulate: advantage or disadvantage?

10-07-2009, 09:48
As I wrote before I'm a US citizen planning to move with my family (Russian citizen wife) to Russia. I've read in numerous places that it is possible to apply for temporary residency with a consulate (I'd use the one in San Francisco, California). Has anybody gotten the TRP via a consulate (or know someone who did or who tried) who can share their experiences? Does the consulate act as the FMS in this case, or simply as a document transmission agent between me and Russia? Is the permit issued in Russia itself regardless of the application location? It could be advantageous for me to apply at the consulate and wait for the first 3 months in the US to avoid the "in and out" visa dance, but I'm concerned that this route could perhaps result in more delay / opportunity for the documents to get misplaced, sent to the wrong FMS office, etc.

I wish there were a "TRP application accepted and waiting for TRP" visa that could bypass the in & out requirements.

19-08-2009, 03:52
Hello Bogatyr -

Where have you read or heard about in and out requirements? I would like to find such info if I knew where to look. Of all the websites I have looked at thus far I haven't found anything or read anything about in and out requirements.