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16-11-2004, 13:47
The New 2/3 lb. Thickburger Takes Decadence to a New Level

ST. LOUIS, Mo. – November 15, 2004 – First there were burgers. Then there were Thickburgers. Now Hardee’s is introducing the mother of all burgers – the Monster Thickburger™. Weighing in at two-thirds of a pound, this 100 percent Angus beef burger is a monument to decadence, yet is still a throwback, as it features lots of meat, cheese and bacon on a bun. Available at all Hardee’s restaurants starting today, the Monster Thickburger is certain to crush the hunger pangs of even the most famished burger lovers.

“Before the introduction of the Thickburger line at Hardee’s, the Monster Burger was one of our most popular menu items,” said Brad Haley, executive vice president of marketing for Hardee’s. “In fact, it’s been one of the most requested items from our old menu. However, we didn’t just bring it back. Since it’s now a Thickburger, it’s even bigger and better than it was before.”

Like all Hardee’s burgers, the Monster Thickburger features 100 percent Angus beef patties. In this case, it’s got not one, but two 1/3-lb. charbroiled patties, topped with no less than four strips of crispy bacon, three slices of American cheese, and some mayonnaise – all on a buttered, toasted, sesame seed bun. The result is an updated version of a classic that requires two hands, a firm grip and a serious appetite.

Available at all Hardee’s locations, the Monster Thickburger sells for $5.49 by itself, or $7.09 for a combo meal including medium fries and a medium drink. Lovers of bodacious burgers can visit www.monsterthickburger.com to download a coupon and learn more about Hardee’s newest menu offering.


ghost 6-3
16-11-2004, 13:49
I'm sorry to say that looks really good (before lunch)!

16-11-2004, 13:54
i forget to mention:
1.420 calories
107 grams of "fat"
still hungry?

16-11-2004, 13:59
I'll have two, along with a large Cherry Coke (no ice); a bowl of chili with cheddar cheese, onions, and crackers; and a large order of onion rings!

ghost 6-3
16-11-2004, 14:10
With Onion Rings!!!!

Double portion!

16-11-2004, 14:26
Damn! I forgot the ketchup and Tabasco!

16-11-2004, 14:27
Hardee's has the best breakfast biscuits! Mmm...

16-11-2004, 14:33
you guys are hopeless! :p ;)

16-11-2004, 14:42
Originally posted by Outlaw
Hardee's has the best breakfast biscuits! Mmm...

With sausage and ham and bacon and eggs and cheese and lots of butter and jam! Yummy!

16-11-2004, 14:46
You know what I'm talkin' 'bout!

16-11-2004, 14:48
Damned right!!!

16-11-2004, 15:53
And for afters I'll have a knickerbocker glory...without the cherry...

16-11-2004, 15:53
....I'm on a diet ;)

17-11-2004, 00:52
Expat Cafe!!! ;)