View Full Version : usbek brown rice...

13-11-2004, 08:56
...bought a kilo for 100 rubles.
never seen in any supermarket, when asked they claimed never to have heard that usbekistan had / has rice.
taste is out of this world.

problem: place where it was sold is out of the world.

anyone bought it, most probably it will be available only at 'rynoks' at the stands where they sell spices, as most of the sellers are from usbekistan.
please let me know location, i bought mine at the market near gorbushka, metro bagrationovskaya..

13-11-2004, 11:21
you *might* want to try the leningradsky rynok, they've got the spice things goin on and those iron plov-cookin things for sale and all (in the inside part of the market), maybe they've got the rice too.

13-11-2004, 14:01
I know the rice you mean Benedikt, it's supposed to be the ONLY one for plov, I buy it when I find it, on markets (never seen elsewhere). I've been warned BTW to check it carefully as the reddish colour is sometimes due to brick dust.....

13-11-2004, 17:06
...brickdust!? suppose like with everything that one buys it for sure is better to wash and rinse the rice. if the stuff than is WHITE i know i have been taken for a ride BUT i also will remember where i bought the rice and that guy will for sure sell not much anymore....
but thanks anyway for the hint.