View Full Version : take a bet(re)opening of CERTAIN casinos

01-07-2009, 09:54
well, most of them have closed, does not worry or bother me as such. i do no spend my money there. but all authorities might that be moscow or a little town in the taiga, are relying on the money they make form the industry.
it is already calculated into the budget, like money they make for cigarettes or alcohol...and not only in russia, by the way.
i bet on it, being so long in russia, that there will be some new legislation, amendments or whatever pushed through he white house...
and in every town there will be one or two BIG casinos, in moscow of course a few more. strict face control, no more plasticbags and slippers and shorts in the gambling halls. suppose also who did not fall foul of the law in the past, is not of georgian, chechen or other 'undesirable' origin, has the best connection, and a wide open wallet, will get a licence.
and i think this will happen in fall....
by the way, no one has to go to these special zones to gamble, who has the money can go to armenia or ukraina, a good way to promote day tourism....
life is great in russia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

01-07-2009, 10:55
I bet that a few might stay or close down and reopen soon.About 15 big casinos should be enough for Moscow.I hope the slot machine places never come back to Moscow.

01-07-2009, 12:19
...........I hope the slot machine places never come back to Moscow.

Amen to that.

01-07-2009, 21:20
There is no doubt that Russian Government will consider new licence applications, in a bidding process, where each Application complete's a full business plan, with all its shareholders, which may include certain gov officials and it goes to the Govt for the final selection.. Obviously it would out of the city centre, probably outside MKAD the idea of building a huge casino entertainment and sporting complexes can only generate billions of $ of investment if its to be built...

This whole process will take at least 2 years before you'll get any bet's being played... (sooner if existing structures and smaller complexes are permitted)

Care to take a wager ?