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30-06-2009, 20:39
Hi all,

I am going to be applying for a visa once my invitation has been processed in Russia and I assume wire transferred to the consulate in Toronto.
My question is this:
I am going for a year but will be going back home to Canada every 12 weeks for two weeks.
Does a one year work visa allow me to do this or is a multiple entry/exit business visa what I rerquire. And what are the costs. It all has costs between this and that but need a specific cost to send in with my application.
It also states a date for the entry I suppose you have to get a close to that as you can as you do not know how long it will take to process.
Also on the application there is a part about insurance yes or no.
I am a UK citizen and I gather I do not need it but am going to take some out anyway,is it a problem if I put no?

Thanks for any help,

Nick boonham.

30-06-2009, 22:09
A year business visa will only let you stay in Russia for 3 months, you must stay out of Russia for another 3 months.It's a 90 day rule..3 months in 3 months out.
A work visa will let you come and go in Russia for the whole year..

01-07-2009, 02:49

Thanks for that after I posted it I found out the info that you had stated.
I will be applying for a one year work visa once the Russian company has got my invitation sorted out it will take about 3 weeks they said and then I will apply to the consular office in Toronto. I hope all goes well but some thing may screw me up.