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24-06-2009, 13:47
I found this info that may help anyone wanting to drive in RU as I do (subject to finding a car) this follows my other thread.

Does anyone know any good car dealers in moscow and what the best car to buy and drive in Moscow or Russia in general?????

Useful info:

The Russian Traffic Police (GIBBD)

The traffic police in Russia is called GIBBD (government inspection of road safety) and is famous for its flexibility. While the traffic rules in Russia are generally the same as in Europe, you can always reach an agreement with a traffic office on the spot in case your infringement is not really serious. The fine for speeding is $10 US, if you cross the red lights, you'll get your driving license taken and will have to go through the court to get them back. The cameras are installed on the major motorways and city avenues and GIBBD inspectors usually like to hide in the most unimaginable places and then jump out of the trees to stop your car and show you what that their radar detected.
Also, you shouldn't worry if you get stopped even if you think you did nothing wrong: the check-ups are regular and if your documents are OK, the inspector will take 1 minute and wish you a nice journey.

Car Insurance in Russia

You should have a third-party insurance valid on the whole territory of Russia to be able to enter with your car. This insurance is better purchased from a reputable Russian insurance company (such as Ingosstrakh or Rosno, for example). The insurance can be purchased from the Russian insurer representative office or at the petrol stations before the border and at the border (slightly more expensive).
The standard price is about $40 for cars and $80 for campers and caravans.

Ingosstrakh Russia: Email: dzmiy@ingos.msk.ru (Dmitri Zmiy). Internet: ОСАО «Ингосстрах» (http://www.ingos.ru/)

In Latvia, Rosno's insurance can be purchased at most Parex Bank branches.

24-06-2009, 14:39
Here's a link to second hand cars in Russia,worth checking out.Will give you a good idea about prices.

Автомобили в России (http://auto.ru/)