View Full Version : URGENT HELP PLEASE - GOBDD office address for foreigners

22-06-2009, 17:21
I am a foreigner holding russian driving licence in russia which is about to expire.

I have been told that GIBDD has moved its office from Saritsino metro to some other place!

Can sobody help me find out the current address of GOBDD where I can get my russian licence renewed.


23-06-2009, 00:37
I hope this address is correct
Lobnenskaya ulista, 20
phones duty inspector - 485-37-20;
inspectors - 484-31-11

23-06-2009, 14:43
Thanks for Replying, Margo!

I just came to know that the one you mentioned is only for Tex Mohtr and Registration

Office for Licence (For foreigners) is at Ulitsa Delovay, Dom 15, Str 1