View Full Version : PO Box in Moscow

18-06-2009, 03:15
Does anyone know if its possible to get a PO Box in Moscow? And if they're a good/bad idea?

18-06-2009, 18:02
Do you mean PO box for your private mail (like person or физическое лицо)? If yes, visit nearest post office at your residential area with Russian friend/colleague for help, they usually give them to rent (if they have). In this case it should look like Москва, 123456, п/я 1234

If you need it for legal entity, it seems to me you need to visit МРП (межрайонный почтамт - inter-district post office) and learn how to rent it for legal entity (юридическое лицо). Should look same way, but even in the same area very probably will be another post index (6 digits)