View Full Version : nany and russian language teacher

06-06-2009, 13:43
Ok, im russian, but most of the time i spennt whith american ppl in church. i love kids, if you need i can teach then russian language by games, i have recomendations, im resposobile, i can sit whith 3 kids in same time, and pay attention to each kid. i can making food. i have experience working in 3 american famialys. i was working in st-pet not so long, cuz i been in st pet about 6 mounth cuz my moms work, and now we back in moscow, and im looking for job in moscow. i like to spend time whith kids, and would love to help moms to care their house and kids
experience whith kids: 8 mounth boy, 2 years old girl, 3 years old girl, 4 and 7 years old boys