View Full Version : Searching for recent messages

26-07-2003, 10:57
I want to simulate the effect of the feature of the old site that showed me all recent messages. How EXACTLY do I do that?

When I tried a general search for yesterday's messages, the software asked me to put in a specific word to search for.

I don't HAVE a specific word. All I want is recent messages for the last day or two.

It's obvious to me, by the way, that some messages that have been recently posted aren't being seen at all, because people aren't going to those particular forums because it's too much trouble to go check EVERY forum. For example, I like to see For Sale items, but I haven't been to see them yet.

My (subversive) advice for the moment is that everyone should post everything in the Information forum -- that would guarantee that everyone could see them...and of course, everything is a form of information, isn't that cybernetics or something?

By the way, it would be really nice if Options could be set some way or other by DEFAULT. I don't EVER want Email notifications.

However, since you have chosen to improve things by using off-the-shelf software, I don't know whether you really have the ability to implement functions we suggest, despite having asked us for suggestions...