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01-06-2009, 21:05
Hi There,

Please could someone point me in the right direction as im confused.

I may have the wrong forum here, if so Im sorry.

I went to Russia in April 2008 and met a girl, I have now known her for over a year and have spent quite a few weeks together on seperate occasions.

She has been studing English in Dubai for the past year and has recently moved back to Russia.

I came to Dubai to see her in July, October and then in Febuary this year to see her. Each time spending around 2 weeks with her? I also went back to Russia in April this year and saw her mothers side of the family and again spent another 2 weeks together.

As she has finshed her university in Dubai and we have known each other now for over 1 year I thought it would be a good idea to get her to visit me here in England.

What is the best way to get her here for 6 months? She could come here as my fiancee? What visa is that called? Join family visa?

I did send lots of documents to her as she was going to apply for a tourist visa. But there were problems with this and I think she has fallen out with the agent she was using in Russia... I think the agent was telling her she could only stay for a very short time... for example a few weeks.

Is there any templates or examples of letters available that I could read? For someone who has applied for a UK Visa as a fiancee, that is thinking of getting married?

Please feel free to ask me questions, someone who is familair with the system would be a great help for me!!!

Many Thanks

01-06-2009, 21:18
Is there any templates or examples of letters available that I could read? For someone who has applied for a UK Visa as a fiancee, that is thinking of getting married?

If you ask for a fiancée visa and are unable to prove convincing terms for the consulate and borders agency to believe your acquaintance is insubstantial as compared to the normal terms of a marraige (eg; you've only met on just a few occasions and have spent, on aggregate, little time together...) then a refusal will be more damning than a refusal for a tourist visa.

Refusals are stamped into the applicants passport, which means it can remain on record for up to five years if her passport is Russian.

Britain has quotas. Official or unofficial. A great deal of tourist and fiancée visa applications for single Russian females are turned down summarily as the risk of deception or flight is significant.

Apply for a tourist visa would be my advice.

If you're planning on marriage it could be better to do that in Russia and then apply for a settlement visa as she would then be your spouse.

There are no guarantees for tourist or fiancée visas, and if you apply for a fiancée visa based on the sort of history you've just described then your girlfriend will be refused and taken to pieces with the pre-imigration token interview(s) she would be asked to attend.

Sponsors (INF 3) (http://www.ukvisas.gov.uk/en/howtoapply/infs/inf3sponsors)

Husbands, wives and partners (INF 4) (http://www.ukvisas.gov.uk/en/howtoapply/infs/inf4husbandswivespartners)

People Seeking Immigration Advice: The Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (http://www.oisc.gov.uk/)

UK Border Agency | Home Page (http://www.ukba.homeoffice.gov.uk/)

The above links may help, but they've all been posted before in a zillion threads just like this one - it'd have saved you some time to have looked at existing threads in truth... ;)

04-06-2009, 15:06
Definitely go for a tourist visa. She is not joining your family, so that won't work. And applying for a fiancee visa is difficult and you stand a very strong chance of having your application rejected.

When she applies for a tourist visa, she should NOT say she is joining you in the UK or they will get suspicious. She should show proof of funds, a job to come back to (or a flat or something else compelling), and ideally where she is going to stay (a hotel, not your house). Young unmarried woman have a difficult time getting a visa UNLESS they are gainfully employed with strong ties to Russia, and ample funds.

We've had loads of women in our company get tourist visas but they all had good jobs, good incomes and letters from us saying they were returning to their job at the end of their holiday. Good luck!