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29-05-2009, 19:36
In theory the Magna group has agreed to rescue GM Europe, comprising Opel and Vauxhall car manufacturing plants throughout the EU. Of note was the fact that Sberbank are backing the rescue package in no small part, with the hope that this decision will cause more GM cars to make their way onto the Russian automobile market.

BBC NEWS | Business | Magna 'agrees to buy GM Europe' (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/8074218.stm)

As of now it's not a done deal, but with only Fiat and an outside chance of a Chinese car maker being interested, it seems likely the German Government will back the Magna bid...

29-05-2009, 19:52
What? Not satisfied with owning Gaz and Avto Vaz, they want to buy another maker of overpriced junk-mobiles?