View Full Version : Vilnius

01-11-2004, 16:44
Anyone done a visa trip here recently, I understand they are getting a bit shirty now and don't like foreigners using it as a cheap place to get a visa. Any experiences

Ned Kelly
01-11-2004, 17:38
i suspect the flow of foreigners was severely curtailed when lukashenko introduced transit visas in 2001. in general it used to be a terrific run: no large queues at the embassy and friendly staff. you needed an aids test but that was the only hassle.

vilnius is a really cute place. the people are just terrific.

01-11-2004, 17:40
Just came back about a two weeks ago. It was a great place with friendly people, relatively cheap 10 minute work visa processing ($200). You will need an HIV test. I stayed in the Balatonas hotel which is not too far from the center and a 10 minute walk to the Russian embassy. One warning, if you take a train there, it goes thru Belorus and you need a transit visa, else those Bas----- at the border will hit you for a pretty steep bribe (speaking from personal experience). Not too much to see in the city, but visited a castle about 30 minutes by bus outside the city, nice old town with great architecture and super restaurants with great service. All in all, minus the Lukashenko employed thieves at the border, a nice getaway.