View Full Version : Books/teaching Aids For Quick Sale - Moscow

27-05-2009, 10:22

Hello all,

I have several books that have been incredibly useful for teaching English. I'm moving back to the UK in two weeks and putting them up for offer to sell ASAP. Please contact me ASAP if interested as I'm looking for a quick sale and offering all of the books together.

Inside Out, Elementary level, Sue Kay and Vaughan Jones, Publisher: Macmillan, sold new for 721.00 pd (Excellent cond. w/CDR)

How to Teach English, Jeremy Harmer, Publisher: Pearson Longman sold new for 714. pd (Good Cond. w/DVD)

Understanding Language Teaching (Reasoning Action), Karen E. Johnston, Publisher: Heinle and Heinle, sold new for 878.00 pd (Very Good Cond.)

Headway Beginner Students' Book, Liz and John Soars, Publisher: OUP, sold new for 574.00 pb (Very good Cond.)

Opportunities Upper Intermediate Students' Book, Harris M. Mower D, Sikorzynska A. Publisher Longman, sold new for 539.00 pd (Good Cond.)

Test Book for the above sold new for 138 pd (Good Cond.)

Opportunities Intermediate Students' BookHarris M. Mower D, Sikorzynska A. Publisher: Longman, 442 pd new (Good Cond. but dog eared cover and missing mini-dictionary insert)

Opportunities Intermediate Language Powerbook Micheal Dean Publisher: Longman, sold new for 220.00 pd (Fairly Good Cond. but damaged cover)

Combined total new: 4226 roubles. I'll sell the lot for 2500 or near offer. Please pm me here for contact details.