View Full Version : Russian-German Proof-Reading, Editing and Translation Service

Erik H.
22-05-2009, 15:25
Need concise and impacting business plans, annual reports, presentations,
advertising text, information leaflets, newsletters, website content,
academic or technical text?

As a professional editor with more than ten years of journalism and copy
editing experience, I can assist you to:

- achieve optimal results
- properly use linguistic terms
- eliminate uncertainties and misunderstandings
- reach and affect German speaking audiences

I ensure careful and detailed text proofing as well as translation from
Russian to German. I focus on linguistic correctness (spelling,
punctuation, grammar), clarity of style and comprehensibility of content.

Erik Hertel

02-09-2009, 20:26
you wouldn't happen to know a thing or two about translation services would you? im trying to find a good one but i have no idea. any suggestions? or have you ever heard of a company called transperfect? please let me know! i need feedback! thank you:D