View Full Version : Trace people's mobile phones!

21-05-2009, 17:22
Could be a good way for you jealous girlfriends to keep an eye on your boyfriends!

Traces any mobile phone anywhere in the world, as long as it's switched on... Choose your country and enter country code (7) for Russia. No need to add the (+) sign.

I believe it has some verbal instructions or sound effects or something, so turn the sound up if you want (heven't tried that thought).



21-05-2009, 17:34
Shouldn't this be in Bardak? :suspect:

PM it to Jack-the-lad though, tis' right up his... errhm... street... :yuk:

21-05-2009, 18:10
And note there is a link to the Adult Friend Finders site . . . which is for people looking for ahem . . . friends with "benefits."

21-05-2009, 18:17
Well that can be explained by the fact that the site is "unofficial" phone tracing technology... Therefore, to earn money, they have to accept advertising from dubious sources... Happy tracing!

21-05-2009, 18:29
And note there is a link to the Adult Friend Finders site . . .

Yup, aka Buck Fuddies I beleive! :jester:

29-05-2009, 15:29
Just remembered about this post! Did anyone have any success with the software?