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19-05-2009, 23:26
We would like to send our English-speaking 3 yo to a public detsky sad. A couple of people have said that it would be very hard for our child to get in without connections or something (not sure what). I would be interested in hearing for anyone who has successfully gotten their child into a public kindergarten. Can I just call up the school and ask or would this be futile?


21-05-2009, 13:39
With almost all the Russian "sads" be prepared to be asked for a financial contribution (not a bribe, as they say that this money will be used for buying smth for the "sad"). It is usually the contribution that gets you in, if the sad is short of places.
In what area of Moscow do you live? Some areas seem to be short of sads, others have a very short waiting list.
There is a detsky sad near the Canadian embassy and they do have the experience of multi-national community...

25-05-2009, 12:38
Our native English speaking daughter is just finishing a year at a Russian detskii sad and will be going to a Russian public school for 1st grade beginning in September. We've had a very good experience at the detskii sad and have not encountered any of the problems that people often talk about in terms of being asked to pay extra, etc. We paid a little bit of money each month to cover the cost of food (which all parents were required to do) and were never asked for anything more, except for collections that were taken up to buy gifts for the kids or for teachers. The same goes with the school we've signed her up for - at least so far. We registered for the detskii sad through the local commission in our region.

The Moscow Department of Education has a directory of schools and detskii sads on their website that is searchable by type of institution, region, etc. I'm not able to paste the link here, but if you look up the Information Portal for the Moscow Department of Education, you should be able to find it if you can read in Russian. This is a good place to check to see what's available around you.

25-05-2009, 13:27
People have different experiences but also different expectations. I would researd the options for suitable "Sads" close to your flat/house, arrange a visit/meeting and see where you get to. It would be no surprise to see some kind of "Joining Fee" was required and if you think that facility is what you are looking for why not pay.

Good luck.

15-06-2009, 13:11
Russian detsriy sads devided on two parts: one - for all people - terrible place for children, second - for rich people: The price started from 40.000 RUR per month + entrance fee about 200.000 RUR