View Full Version : Getting there - but need some urgent advice!

19-05-2009, 21:01
In my previous Post I explained how my tourist visa had been refused, and took the advise of Bels to go it alone.

Looking at the difference in price, and the fact I just want to go once for 3 weeks, I thought that getting a Private Visa might not be too difficult.

Anyway, we got some help from Liga and they obtained for me a Private Invitation (my gf could have done this but she is a bit uselees at least when it comes to this sort of thing!!).

I was going to head down to London tomorrow to get the Visa - but reading the VFS Global site it appears they need the original of the invitation. Can anyone confirm this?

My problem is this. I am heading to Asia a week today, and only return the day before I was due to go to Russia.

So, if I get the document couriered over to me (anyone know the cheapest way?) and I don't have time before I go to get to London, can I get my Visa in KL for example, if I take my invitation with me?

BTW - will the Application Centre be open on Monday, bank holiday in UK.

Cheers in advance!!

20-05-2009, 19:17
I am sure that you will need the original invitation. Your best bet is probably to get it couriered to you through DHL - not necessarily the cheapest, but efficient. This is how my first invitation was couriered to me a couple of years ago, when I was due to fly to Russia five days later.

According to the website, the Application Centre is closed on Russian national holidays rather than British, so it should be open on Bank Holiday Monday.