View Full Version : form and office for exit/entry visa ??

19-05-2009, 18:12
Does anyone know the hours of the office on Pokrovka? And has anyhone applied in their okrug OVIR for this instead, especially has anyone done it in the Severny Okrug?
Also, anyone have a scanned copy of the form they could send me?

11-06-2009, 14:56

The hours of opening at Pokrokva are the same as the hours for the OVIR. You can not apply at the local office as the control is now centralised. Scanned copy of the form is attached. You may need to fill out an orginal thought

Proper Bostonian
11-06-2009, 15:28
Yes, it is possible to apply for an exit/entry visa at your local UFMS office (same place where you do registration). I just applied for my 2nd one the other day. No problem. It does take longer if submit your application locally, which is the only drawback. Takes 3 weeks. Not a big deal to me unless it's an emergency. I simply always want one on hand in case there is an emergency & I have to fly 'home' or if we suddenly want a get-away outside of Russia.

Proper Bostonian
11-06-2009, 15:29
P.S. you have to pay 300 rubles.