View Full Version : Buy and Sell/Accommodation dilemma

28-10-2004, 14:42
It might be a good idea to automatically delete posts which have been sitting in the above folders (i.e buy and sell/ accommodation) for more than 30 days. That way out of date posts will not be taken as current listings.

See classic example below



Teutonic Deity
28-10-2004, 15:36
great idea sheepy!

from now on all classified posts will have a maximum life of 30 days... should have implemented this sooner :-)

28-10-2004, 20:06
This should apply to Buy & Sell rather than to all classified postings.
My opinion....

Teutonic Deity
29-10-2004, 02:04
it will now be limited to buy&sell and accomodations

01-11-2004, 12:28
i would say the same should go for the home page listings for flats and jobs as well