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18-05-2009, 23:31
Hello, I apologize if everyone is bored of these threads but I have been offered a position in an international school in Moscow (AAS).

They are giving accommodation, healthcare etc but the base salary is fairly basic ($32,000) per annum.

Considering I am completely green and have no experience of living in Moscow could anyone here give me an indication if this salary is okay for a single person in such an expensive city?.

Also, are there any vital issues I should have clarified before I take the position, in terms of accommodation, location etc?.

Finally, does anyone know anything about this school?.

Thanks for any input.

18-05-2009, 23:53
Assuming you are IB certified I think that salary is about half of what you should expect from a legitamate school like AAS. If you're not certified I suppose you take what you can get but I thought AAS's certification required them to hire IB certified teachers.

If your housing is covered you should have no problem living ok on that pay.

19-05-2009, 01:27
If they cover your accommodation in full, then you've got a good deal. Just make sure the washer is new and works, and try and get them to install a water heater for those times when the hot water might get turned off. It's turned off for 2 weeks in the summer... and right now the water is very icy, since the weather is so cold.

You should get an identical contract in both Russian and English. Sign both.

Good luck.