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17-05-2009, 20:58
Hi, I am wondering if someone here has done this. Several months ago I bought a nokia N80. In a few weeks I will be returning to the USA for the summer. I would like to use my phone there in the USA. If the phone is unlocked this should not be a problem. Just slip a T-Mobile SIM card in and everything should be fine. After all the phone here is Russia is not tied to any particular network. I am on Megaphone but I can use MTS, Beeline, etc....But, I would like to know if this is true before I leave. If I need to have the phone unlocked here I want to know about before i get on the plane!

So, has anyone done this? Taken a phone bought here in Russia and used it in the USA?
and by the way, if the N80 is locked, it is not possible to unlock it using the standard ways, it must be done by the provider. All N-series phones are this way.

17-05-2009, 21:23
Throw it out. Who needs a russky phone anyhow?

Just kidding - it'll work just fine on T-Mobile network. I do it all the time.

18-05-2009, 09:28
Ha ha...in this case the phone is pretty good ;)

thanks for the response. this is indeed good news :)

18-05-2009, 11:12
2 sparkyal:
I used at US three mobile phones purchased in Russia - Motorola P7389, Siemens S65 and Siemens E71. Never had problems. So if you want to attach to american GSM networks you should check only whether your model has 1900 MHz band covered and switch phone to it while arrived to US (it can be done automatically or manually, check in Network settings).