View Full Version : VCR repair.

16-05-2009, 18:36
Dos anybody know of any sites or other resources for troubleshooting and repair of VCRs. I have 3 of the damn things under the bed now and a whole lot of VCR tapes. I don't want to go and replace them with DVDs, that's insane.

I've googled it but there isn't anything of the depth I need as of yet, replacing motors, electronic parts ect. The library doesn't have anything either.

16-05-2009, 21:33
Only thing I can recommend is to search at ixbt forums (Russian only):
Электронная бытовая и автомобильная техника - Конференция iXBT.com (http://forum.ixbt.com/?id=47) - consumer electronics, open forum

Электронные устройства и компоненты - Конференция iXBT.com (http://forum.ixbt.com/?id=48) - electronic devices, open forum

Вход в конференцию - Конференция iXBT.com (http://forum.ixbt.com/?id=33) - forum for persons whose business is electronic devices repairing, restricted

16-05-2009, 22:09
the sad facts are the newer the VCR the faster they die.....the new DVD players have great resolution

my suggesetion is buy a VRC DVD recorder combo and digitize your collection