View Full Version : Looking to buy a minivan, need advice..

25-10-2004, 21:49
I'm in the market for a small minivan, but I am a bit discouraged. The two I have looked into (the Toyota and the Honda) are priced at nearly double the US sticker price. Is there any reasonable alternative? I need to seat six, including three child safety seats. Just looking for brand recommendations for vehicles that would be available in Moscow. Thanks

08-11-2004, 11:23
the chrysler voyager is very popular with expats but probably expensive to buy, certainly expensive to maintain. have you checked out the mitsubishi spacewagon?

08-11-2004, 23:04
priced at nearly double the US sticker price
Every car (new or used) will be priced at almost double the US price because of Russia's outrages import duties on cars. I would buy a used Japanese car if I had to, and only the one that was recently brought here from the US (at least you can check the car's history on Carfax).

Have you considered Korean? A stripped down version of Kia Carnival (minivan) goes for about $24K (manual transmission though). They have pretty good reviews for Kia on Carpoint too.