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25-10-2004, 13:03
Does anyone know of any Halloween events planned for children? Many thanks

ghost 6-3
25-10-2004, 13:44
For three (3) years, the American Women's Organization had a children's Halloween party; one year, at the Boar House (of all places) it was GREAT. A haunted house was assembled for the kids, volunteers dressed up like pirates and the like. Scared the heck out of the kids, who kept going back to the haunted house time and time again.

Inevitably, some moms had to complain that the whole thing was too traumatic for their little ones, so the whole thing was toned down the next year, and held in the Tunnel, which served lousy food as slowly as could be done, overpriced beer for Dads, and put together a mild 'scary room' which traumatized no one, as it was too boring to bother with.

Last year, some AWO moms just got together and rented a children's club for a few hours. No idea what they did, as it was a Moms and Toddlers kind of thing.

At any rate, the Halloween party is no longer on their plate - at least this is what I was told by JeNelle Johnson, one of the AWO events oranizers. I guess that means nothing much will be going on.

This is sad, especially for those of us who remember the great job Doug Steele did at the Boar House three (3) years ago. I would be interested in doing something for next year (it would take some time to organize, but I think sponsors should be easy). Anyone interested in getting something going for next year could PM me. Let's see what we can do.

In the meantime, if nothing else is going on, I'd get together with friends (as I am doing this year). And pumpkins are available at most rinoks.

25-10-2004, 14:08
The English Nursery School is planning something at one of the children's centres - call Sara Stobbart for more information: 8 916 175 4316 or 933 2893.