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03-05-2009, 23:50
This unique two-week residential course follow the INTERACTING method, which makes learning enjoyable, and provides you with the necessary skills to stand up and speak in English. You will quickly gain the confidence to practice and play with the English you already know and the new language introduced on the course.
Summer school for kids in Ireland: 11-25 July 2009:

Our experienced and fully qualified teachers are chosen from graduates of the INTERACTING Summer School for Teachers. INTERACTING teachers design and participate in the after-class activity programme to ensure that learning English continues well beyond the classroom!

The INTERACTING Summer School of English is held at the picturesque and historical Methodist College, Belfast. Located in the heart of the university area, Methodist College is one of Northern Irelandís leading grammar schools and boasts superb on-site residential, academic and sports facilities.

The INTERACTING Summer School of English provides a safe and healthy environment for you to learn English while enjoying a wide variety of supervised sports, cultural and leisure activities. The college is situated in a historically rich area of the United Kingdom, with constant opportunities for real-life English practice.

Please PM me if interested.Thank you.

04-05-2009, 02:17
And will the pupils pick up the gorgeous Belfast accent?