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27-04-2009, 18:58
I have recently arrived here on a one-year multi-entry humanitarian visa. I submitted a copy of my passport and migration card to the organization that is dealing with my visa for registration on Tuesday (April 21). I was told that I would receive my registration on Friday (24th) or Saturday (25th). Saturday went by, so I called a representative of the company, who said that it wasn't yet ready, and she'd call me today. Guess what: no call, and I can't get through to her number.

The problem is this: based on the fact that I though I'd have my registration finished, I booked a flight back home for a few days during the holidays over here. The flight leaves on Wednesday (29th). If my registration is not complete, will I be able to leave the country? I still have my passport, remember.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

27-04-2009, 20:47
Simple answer: YES

collect Reg when you come back or ask somebody to collect for you. We do it all the time

07-05-2009, 16:20
Like Snowbars said, no problem.. Passport control has no need for your registration...

07-05-2009, 22:50
Thanks for all your help.
The problem, I realised, was not with the registration but with my lack of a migration card. However, I managed to get in touch with the relevant person 'at five minutes to', as the Greeks say, and managed to leave the country without a problem.