View Full Version : STD Testing facilities?

19-10-2004, 03:44
Where are STD testing located around the MKAD and in?

No, not for me - that was just a piece of confettii that somehow got glued on.

I have heard some strange stories about these places being subject to bribes, ie. telling a girl she simply needed an injection of Penicillin for a cold after being paid off by partner/spouce...any stories?

19-10-2004, 08:51
In Vitro should handle STD testing - www.invitro.ru - many locations around town.

31-10-2004, 05:04
best and fastest place in town: skliforsovsky (sp?) hospital. entrance from prospect mira. right in the back of the old buildings. you register, pay and after 2 h the tests are done. unfortunately lots of people, suppose that shows that they are good! have reasonable prices! and there are no hassles and questions ( i don't know what the procedure will / might be if one of the tests might be positive i.e. if the person HAS aids or a STD..)