View Full Version : KU Grads in Russia?

18-10-2004, 23:10
Hey guys....

Are you a former Jayhawk or know anyone who is? I am a University of Kansas graduate myself and I would like to get in touch with people from KU in Russia.


05-11-2004, 14:09
MA from KU in 2001. Living in Moscow. You?

05-11-2004, 19:03
Hey dude/dudess :)

I am in Canada now, though I am looking into possibly moving to Russia. Having something in common will help a lot in our communication, that's why I am looking for folks from KU. Just wanted to ask some questions, my be ask for an advice.

I have BS (1999) and MSIS (2001) both from KU. Can you drop me a line to pavelmaraev@hotmail.com, please?

Have a nice weekend!