View Full Version : New School needed for SUPER English teacher

24-04-2009, 13:35
Hello there!

I have been teaching in Moscow for over 10 years and have clients such as Schlumberger, Gazprom Export, and PWC. I am looking for a better position with an EXCELLENT school.

Only serious offers and high pay please.

If you are interested in obtaining for your school proably the best teacher you may ever have, send me a message.

Thank you.

26-05-2009, 16:01
I have to say, this is a horrible way of looking for a job. No school will hire or make an offer over the internet. The big international schools (AAS, EIS, BIS) all hire English teachers but you need to have experience, a qualification and a teaching credential.

If you are serious, send your CV to the schools. If they are interested, they will invite you for an interview. I used to serve on the board of a school, and you must have teaching experience in a school. You mention companies, which will not count. Have you ever taught in a school in the US, UK, Canada or Australia? Do you have a degree?

As for pay, it will be competitive but you cannot really negotiate it.

27-05-2009, 00:18
All I can say is advance on yourself a private teacher. You won't get better rate compared to what schools can pay you, If you do have a business mind you will know that they simply cannot afford you, if you are in high demand privately.

Keep going privately, get yourself a classroom at a reasonable rent and teach small groups. Don't ask for schools for work, as you won't get them in the Summer.

Just a guess. I think you have been successful in the Winter. Now you are getting desporate as you are now in Summer and your students are now losing interest. Accept it!! Russians have long summer holidays!! It's their traditional culture. Once that sun comes out, they don't want to know about work, they want to relax.

You have no chance until September, and that is the month you should be planning for, and if you are good lacally as you say you are , you will be flooded with students coming September. And you will be probably be flooded with shools requesting your services, where you can them tell them to get lost because you are too busy. They might even say name your price. But the fact is that you might well be too satisfied with your own groups and your own control. SO you then tell them to P*ss off.

27-05-2009, 00:24
However !! Congratulations to any school who can clearly state that they are busy between June and the end of August and have genuine vacancies with a good income package. Because I and many others would be very interested, and I really do think that is what our thread writer is trying to say. Yes we do really do worry about the drop in demand in the Russians long holiday.

01-06-2009, 10:18
Depends if you are talking about English language schools or international schools (BIS, AAS, ISM, EIS). If you're interested in the latter, waiting until September would probably be the worst thing. Schools such as these actively recruit teachers from as early as March, so that they are well prepared for the beginning of September. That said, positions usually only commence in September, but full 12 month contracts are the norm.