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22-04-2009, 20:12
Article about the new regulations and the confusions encountered, worth a read.

Moscow News - News - Foreigners’ work visa hassles grow (http://www.mnweekly.ru/news/20090416/55374272.html)

22-04-2009, 21:34
I think they are causing damage unto themselves with this redtape. It has already been proven as an example with BP/TNK where major managers and even the director of BP himself having to direct this company outside Russia due to work permit problems in Russia.

I personally believe that for Russia itself, it should slacken the red-tape for westerners. Why? Because for example Britain has become more frantic about exporting and exporting their service and companies into other countries in order to defeat the current recession. They are are using for example the weaker pound to do this. And they are trying to form companies in different countries including Russia. They are trying to take the advantage of exporting trade. I say allow companies to enter Russia easily, small and large, in fact Russia will benifit from the greater number of small and medium sized companies compared to the fewer largest companies of the world. Britain for example has recognised a long time ago that they benifit in GDP from the massive amount of small companies way above the revenue they receive from the few big companies.

If Russia relaxes their laws and allow companies in they will increase revenue. They should also encourage small businesses including individual in Russia to develop without redtape. In fact they should encourage small individual busineeses so much with investment of free advice and grants throughout Russia. They should an example of Maggie Thatcher. Get on you bike and work whichever way you can, and achieve your goals in this difficult. We will guide you in this very difficult.

Russia should at last open its doors, of which it has truly never done. And that is to open its doors and get rid of this crappy red-tape of which is killing its country into depression.

23-04-2009, 10:06
you ever wonder why nothing is working in russia? it is their stupid rigid red-tapish laws.

23-04-2009, 12:16
A lot of this is imho "tit for tat", a tennis game played out between the consulates of USA, UK and Russia for decades. I certainly agree about the adverse effects, its not a time for any of the aforementioned countries to be playing such games.