View Full Version : Movies in English? Can only dream about it now...

17-04-2009, 10:42
Movies in English? Can only dream about that now...


Seems like the only place in Moscow where it used to be possible to see all latest movies in English (and without subtitles!!!) is going to hell!!! Hall 11 in Oktyabr cinema I mean...

I was there today hoping to see "Easy Virtue"... Bloody hell! It was said to be on in hall 11... Hall 11 which was supposed to be for undubbed movies... Anyway as I was just about to buy the tickets I was kindly warned that the movie was going to be in Russian! When I asked what the hell... they nicely told me that they hadn't got some kind of "license" for showing films in English and that kind of business in closed for good in Oktyabr... Art house movies are still on but for all other types that's it. Good news, ain't it, guys?

What's more I have seen "He's just not that into you" recently. The movie is dubbed completely - I mean you can't hear any English at all - only awful translation. I can tell you that it IS awful 'cause I've also seen some clips in youtube in English from which you can see that the translation is complete shit. Anyway there's no single opportunity now to see the original movie... The dvd hasn't been released yet and the copies in the internet are still too bad to download((((((((((((((

You still have 35mm (http://kino35mm.ru/). It's my favorite. And the only that I go to.