View Full Version : Funny tale how chukcha have been passing face control in a Moscow night-club)))

16-04-2009, 17:51
Once a very ritch chukcha-olgarch came to Moscow with buisness visit. Hard working day's night he diside to visit a prestige night discotec. So the chukcha well dressed in ethnic suite with the ski one his back came to the doors of the luxe club. Here a guard crossed his way.
- One step back! Chukcha - not format! - cried the guard
- Why?
- The entrance for chukchas is forbidden!
- But I am not simple chukcha, I am ritch chukcha-olgarch. I have my own oil tower. Abramovitch is my pal. I have got a lot of money. I'll give you 100 euros. Ok?!
- No money!
- 200 euros eh.
- Listen up, chukcha, are you really such dummie, or playing bad comedy! Do'you understand If my boss observe a chukcha like you inside his club, he shall dismiss me away immidetly!
- 500, however.
Whith these words the chukcha got from his pocket 500 euros banknote. Suddenly watching this performance another guard intupted such funny conversation:
- Hey collegue, as long as I look at him... Seems to me he is just like a japanesse.