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16-04-2009, 16:50
Hey there. Guys, does anyone have any material for teaching business English on commercial real estate and construction? Or maybe you could advise me the web link... manuals? Please... :11721: please... ))) need it badly

16-04-2009, 18:10
Try here. I know that there are business English Course books. Market Leader is a fine example up to upper Intermediate level. They do have a distribution centre in Moscow, and you will find the contact details on the site. There might be some specialist course books on Real este or Estate Agency as we call it, but if not I think a business it all in general.

Pearson Longman English Language Teaching (ELT) (http://www.pearsonlongman.com)

17-04-2009, 05:19
The Language of Real Estate by John W. Reilly

Learning the Language of Real Estate by Barbara G.Cox

www. ozon . ru etc