View Full Version : Great Russian nanny available

Alice in Wonderland
13-04-2009, 15:22
Our wonderful nanny, Natasha, will be available for work once we leave Moscow at the end of March. Natasha is absolutely professional, kind, hard-working and fair. She has looked after our three boys (aged 5, 3 and seven months) for the last six months and I can recommend her highly. Natasha is never late for work and puts her all into the job. She cares for the baby in the mornings and in the afternoons she collects our elder two children from school, plays with them, helps them with their homework and makes their supper. She is always calm, resourceful and fun. She reads to them, takes them outside and invents fun games for them to play. She has worked as a nanny for expat families in Moscow for over ten years and we will miss her very much. She works for us Mondays to Thursdays from 8.30 to 5.30, which suited her well, as she has a teaching job on Fridays. Please call Natasha directly (Russian) on 8 919 729 1670 or Chloe: chloelowe@gmail.com.

26-04-2009, 22:43
We might be looking for a short term nanny to watch our little boys ages 2 and 4 from May 22 to June 27 in Moscow, near Metro Chistye Prudy, 7 minutes to Metro Kitay-Gorod I think. Jenni