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13-10-2004, 11:04
I am working to help any US citizens vote in the upcoming elections. I am happy to help anyone from any party - my goal is to help people get their votes counted, period. Time is really tight for this, so if you are interested, drop me a line ASAP!

PS - this thread it NOT about a debate on the candidates or the election itself, but rather just to help people vote.

13-10-2004, 11:11
Excellent! Well done!!! It might perhaps be a bit more helpful is you provide some explanation for what you are helping with. Ensuring that individuals have received their absentee ballots? Delivering them to the appropriate bodies once completed? Could you provide a bit more detail, please?

13-10-2004, 11:39
All of the above. The main focus is to help people understand what to do and then to help them do it. If I know someone's situation, I can probably help them do what needs to be done.

I have helped a number of people register and receive absentee ballots over the past few months, and while some states allow registration this late in the game, the real concern right now is to help people send in their ballots, or if they don't have a ballot, to get them a Federal Write In Ballot and then to send it in.

The problem is that we are running very short on time, so anyone who wants to vote has to act quickly.

13-10-2004, 12:00
I thought that it was too late to apply for absentee ballots....

I'm already registered and would be interested if you can help me vote.

13-10-2004, 12:08
Vote early, vote often!

13-10-2004, 12:13

The rules vary from state to state, but in many states, it is going to be too late to register, but not necessarily too late to request a ballot. The problem is that you may not have time to get a ballot from the state election officials, but you can solve this with the Federal Write-In Ballot. I sent a PM on this, so we can disuss your situation in more detail privately.

Proper Bostonian
14-10-2004, 07:26
I called the embassy yesterday as I still have not received my absentee ballot. Yes, you can get a write-in ballot at the embassy & Pony Express has offered to post all ballots for free - they will be picking up from the embassy. However, time is short. If you want your vote to be counted the embassy has advised the you must vote by October 23!

14-10-2004, 11:43
I would consider October 23 as a very last minute date for voting.

Free Man
14-10-2004, 23:20
I would love to vote, but in reality both candidates saq! the big one...

theres no reason to vote really! one odd ball and the other is an odd ball too! whats the reason to vote? I like the russian version, vote for no one... especially in this race...

14-10-2004, 23:43
I fully appreciate your sentiments, but let me know if you change your mind and want to vote.

14-10-2004, 23:45
Just out of interest - I maintain no ties to the US whatsoever - no residence, no drivers' licence etc. How could I vote in the US elections if all I have is a passport and foreign residence status (ie no ties to any state in which I could register).

15-10-2004, 09:24
You may have more ties to a state than you think. As long as you are a citizen, you have the right to vote. That said, however, if you have minimal ties to a specific state, you might be able to vote in federal elections only. Drop me a PM to describe your situation if you want to vote this time around.

15-10-2004, 11:31
By the way, everyone, I will be at the Hard Rock Cafe this afternoon from about 4:00 to about 7:00 with a package of Federal Write-In Ballots for anyone who might want to use one. Feel free to come by!

16-10-2004, 23:56
I sent away for an absentee ballot, but as of now, the ballot is, er... absent. The embassy told me something about 'emergency voting.' I'm going to look into this strange matter on Monday when I visit the embassy.

17-10-2004, 13:03
"Emergency Voting" is a funny way to put it. They should be referring to the Federal Write-In Ballot. Your situation is very common (if not the rule) for expat voters. Ballots are sent out by your local election authorities and they very often don't get out in time. Anyway, the Federal Write-In Ballot will allow you to vote at least in the federal elections (president, Senate & House). Some states allow this ballot for local elections, too, but that depends upon where you are "voting". The embassy should be able to get you all set up.

As for the rest of you - GET OUT AND VOTE!

18-10-2004, 12:58
I will be available at the Starlight II (by Oktyabrskaya) today (Monday), Tuesday and Wednesday from about 7:00 to 9:00 to help anyone with Federal Write-In Ballots and other questions about voting. I'm doing this for all US voters, regardless of party or of preferred candidates, so please come out and vote!

19-10-2004, 12:45
Just a reminder - I'll be at the Starlight Diner II today (Tuesday) and tomorrow from about 7:00 - 9:00 pm. I'll be on the front patio area, wearing a dark suit, white shirt and blue tie. I'll have ballots and am ready to help any US voter regardless of party or choice of candidate. Come on out and vote!

19-10-2004, 16:27
First it is still possible for some people to register and vote depending on which state you are voting from - some states allow registration up till the day of the election.
Use www.overseasvote2004.com or call me, the Pentagon website (www.fvap.gov) has been...unreliable this year
Some county election officers also use different guidelines and can be more flexible - if you think you cannot vote or are in doubt contact your local voting office and ....beg....
If you encoutner any problems either in the registartion or voting process - contact me, we have hotlines and lawyers standing by - we will not let Florida 2000 happen again!
Oct 23rd is not too late to vote by emergency FWAB's(which you must already be registered and requested an absentee ballot this year but have not received your absentee ballot in time because of mail delays) - the Embassy is accepting FWAB's up until Oct. 30th and are pony expressing them back to the states - even after that date - many states still count FWAb's and regular absentee ballots that they receive late up till 10days after the election or more if the vote is close - never say it is too late!

A last important notice for democrats - republicans in 3 states have been caught red-handed ripping up registrations of Democratic voters - to ensure you vote is counted please only put your registrations, absentee ballots, or FWAB's into the hands of embassy American CItizen Services employees, or an official representative of the Democratic party (ie Democrats ABroad Russia here in Russia) - just to ensure your vote is counted and does not end up Floridaized!

Thanks and good luck
please contact me with any questions or problems any time!
Mark Sleboda
Chair - Democrats Abroad Russia

19-10-2004, 16:36

Thanks for the information, but I am really trying hard to keep this thread on a non-partisan footing. This is about helping people vote, not about campaigning or pitching one party or another. I am afraid that a partisan discussion will bog down the thread and will disract from the technical aspects of getting the vote out. I'm sure you understand.

Mike Malloy
Chairman Republicans Abroad Moscow Chapter

19-10-2004, 16:51
Thank you Mike,
I do not want to politicize your thread just want to clear up some errors and clearly identify everyone involved.
This is not about partisanship or anything of the sort - merely a fact of voting this year and a legitimate concern.
You should have been identifying yourself and your validity and political affiliation to all potential voters previously as a matter of legal and professional courtesy.
There is a highly charged political climate this year and I am sure you understand our concern and hope we can work professionally to get through these difficult times and work together better informed and more coordinated in the future.
Good luck
Mark SLeboda
Chair - Democrats ABroad Russia

Link to information about Voter Fraud (just one of many instances reported already) and why this year your vote should go into the hands of someone you trust (ie your respective Party offical or embassy rep) to ensure your vote is actually counted

19-10-2004, 17:08
sorry...aforementioned link provided here


19-10-2004, 17:23

Really, please stop politicizing the thread. You can start another thread if that is what you want to do. All I want to do is to help people vote. I don't care for which party or for which candidate.

Do I have to call the hall monitor? :-)


19-10-2004, 17:41
You can call the hall monitor and we can work this out by all means. I have already contacted them.
I have also contacted Bob Hannan, the Chief of AMerican Citizen Services at the Embassy and reportecd this incident.
I am sure that this is not an important matter, and that there is no "dirty tricks" involved, but giving your party identification to potential voters to whom you are providing information or helping is a LEGAL matter, and one that is of primary concern this year with the number of already recorded "bad incidents".
This is not a political matter, this is a legal matter and I am sorry that you have not understood that.
Once again I request that you can contact me personally at the information provided to you many times so we can come to a professional, fair, and equitable working relationship and together help everyone to ensure there vote is counted this year.
Also while you were doing some good work, you were also giving some small but important mistakes. I handled voting abroad for 8 years in the military and 2 years as a civilian and I know it is complicated and easy to make fatal mistakes - I just want to make sure theat everything is leagal and that people are informed properly.

Mark SLeboda
Chair - Democrats ABroad Russia

19-10-2004, 18:07
To Everyone:

While I wanted to keep this thread totally non-partisan and to help anyone vote, without any pressure as to which candidate or party they choose, it seems that Mark as a representative of the Democratic Party really wants to "out" me as a Republican.

So, yes, I admit that I am a Republican and that in addition to trying to help people vote on a non-partisan basis, I am also affiliated with Republicans Abroad. But I also note that I have not tried to use this thread or the expat.ru site to push any candidate or party (you can look at all of my postings to verify this). I tried to approach the expat.ru site on a non-partisan basis, but it seems that partisan politics jsut won't keep out of this.

In any event, I apologize to anyone who may feel misled by my efforts to get out the vote on a non-partisan basis.

So, anyone who still would like any assistance with voting can contact me at any time and you can be sure that anyone is welcome and I will not do anything to try to persuade you to vote one way or the other. To me this is about democracy, not partisanship.

All the best,
Michael Malloy

19-10-2004, 18:21
Dear Mark of Democrats Abroad:

Just a quick response to your message. Check you mailbox - you will find that I have contacted you directly and you even responded!

On a more productive note, and what this thread is about - which mistakes have you found? It would be important for us all to know to make sure that all votes are counted.

All the best,
Republicans Abroad