View Full Version : Business Invitation Letter refusal

10-04-2009, 15:08
Wondering if anyone had this happen to them recently?

I have a 12mth multi entry business visa which expires end of July. I have used my first 90 from 180 days and not allowed back in for my next 90 until 12th June.

As visa expires end July anyway, I thought a new visa would work for me so applied for a new 12mth multi entry business invitation letter to start the process off.

Agency comes back and tells me that I have to cancel my existing visa before they can process a new invitation letter. I have never had this happen before....anyone else???

Is this a new way to extend and prolong the business visa process or just a bad agent?

14-04-2009, 15:08
I just got a new multiple entry visa and all they did was date it from after my current one expires (the next day as it happens). The Russian Consulate did not cancel the old visa or letter of invitation. All I was required to do was supply a letter that said I still needed to travel to Russia and so was requesting a new visa. I've done this for 8 or 9 years now without a problem.