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06-04-2009, 17:21
I have the following kids items for sale. Pls PM me if interested or contact mashakish@yahoo.com

1) Magnetic Responsibility Chart (two available) 200 roubles each
unused but not in package
Helps motivate kids to do their chores etc... (there are a bunch of different "task" magnets - i.e make your bed, do your homework, put away your toys, brush your teeth, don't hit etc... and then there are other "reward" magnets - good job, well done etc...

2) Baby crib decorative blanket/comforters/ from Mothercare
Peter Rabbit 300 roubles
Winnie the Pooh 300 roubles

3) Baby Carrier 400 roubles
New it costs 36$. It is unused but not in the package. Here is the link - New Native Inc. - Home of the New Native Baby Carrier, Sling, Baby Sling, Baby Pouch, Baby pack, and a line of natural baby products (http://www.newnativeinc.com/index.asp). Look under baby pouches - it is the 100% cotton one in black.

4) Ikea Mula labyrinth 150 roubles
IKEA | Игры | Игрушки | МУЛА | Лабиринт (http://www.ikea.com/ru/ru/catalog/products/80014041)

5) I still also have a variety or parenting books, novels and nonfiction for sale for 75 rbls each. If interested contact me and I will send the list.