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06-04-2009, 13:58
Hello hi-tech lovers:

I would like to change my cell phone by summer this year, but I've found some difficulties in making the right decision on what to acquire. Namely, I would like to buy either a Nokia N97 or a Sony-Ericsson Idou.

I have included some weblinks to these phones video presentations and tech features.

Nokia N97:
YouTube- Nokia N97
Nokia N97 Ц ќписание Ц яндекс.ћаркет (http://market.yandex.ru/model.xml?modelid=3732402&hid=91491)

Sony-Ericsson Idou:
YouTube- Sony Ericsson Idou 12.1 MP Cameraphone - Hands-On @ MWC 2009
Sony-Ericsson Idou Ц ќписание Ц яндекс.ћаркет (http://market.yandex.ru/model.xml?modelid=4524042&hid=91491)

I kindly ask all the owners and reviewers of smartphones to give me a piece of advice in my choice. Please, write all what you think of the two aforementioned mobiles: the advantages and disadvantages as well as supporting details for your views and assertions based ONLY on professional technology, not on emotions or instincts.

My doubts are majorily based on the following aspects:
Disadvantages of Nokia N97:
1. Nokia hasn't developed the camera since the N95 model. It's still a 5-megapixel one.
2. The new Nokia N97 doesn't play a wide variety of video and sound formats.

Advantages of Nokia N97:
1. The memory capacity: 32 Gb with memory card extension.
2. Branded camera: Carl Seizz.

Disadvantages of Sony-Ericsson Idou:
Sony hasn't publicly stated what their memory capacity would be

Advantages of Idou:
1. It has a 12-megapixel camera.
2. It plays a wide spectrum of video and sound formats.

Thank you all for your assistance.

23-04-2009, 19:42
My experience is that this kind of complicated thelephones use to stop to work because of very practic and physical reasons. The serious and expensive problems come not from the sw but from the harware side, a plug, the keyboard, the plastic broken, the screen connection that with the use has troubles and something like this. So I would choose who has a lot more experience in this because produced a lot more pieces. Nokia.

Andy B
24-04-2009, 05:45
I have a Nokia E71 and think it is excellent.