View Full Version : Time to let me into Bardak!

Idiot Amin
10-10-2004, 15:39
What in the world is the Bear doing there? He is way, way too nice for that place and he's run out of material. He wants to sort of lay low and let me do the dirty work!

11-10-2004, 14:02
your hand seems wedded to your member. give it a rest.

Idiot Amin
11-10-2004, 14:06
This morning, a strange blob was spotted climbing the Ramstore kangaroo outside Ramstore Citi mall on Leningradsky prospekt. Upon closer inspection, the blob proved to be a rare species called the Wanka, or male Australian chinchilla. Mr Otuzbir Cekmek, manager of the Ramstore Citi mall, immediately contacted personnel from the Beliy Stolbiy hospital, who removed the chinchilla from the green neon kangaroo and escorted him to a padded cell on the premises of the hospital facility. His diet in the facility consists of Vegemite, and due to lack of security, he is allowed full access to the Internet.