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04-04-2009, 19:36
...and ready to throw my Stream TV remote at the TV..agghhh!

Hi everyone!

Its clearly time for me to get out and meet a few newbies or oldies...any suggestions of where the best places to meet up? or is there an event planned soon?

PS - anyone know how to change the language settings on Stream TV? My Russian is diabolical....lessons start next week...honest!!

Thanks in advance for any guidance :)

04-04-2009, 20:40
Hello BSNorth and welcome to Moscow and the Expat.ru Forums.

Here is the link for upcoming activities and events:

Local Events - The Moscow Expat Forums (http://www.expat.ru/forum/local-events/)

Keep an eye out for the Wednesday night mixer at Pappa's Place each week as well as the Ladies Night event at Pappa's Place each Thursday. There are drink specials, music, etc..., each week so even if you don't see it posted, you can just head over there.

There is also a monthly Book Swap on this link. The next one is April 18th. Expats and English speakers of all sorts meet and exchange English books, dvd's and cd's. Even if you don't have anything to swap, you are more than welcome to come and grab a few. Folks are basically giving away (or loaning) that which they are through with (unless of course they are loaning instead of giving). It is also cool and verhy much encouraged to just come and meet folks and have a nice afternoon without giving, taking or trading. Just hang out and speak English.

I hope that you enjoy yourself on this site, meet lots of good folks and find helpful information.

Check your Private Messages (PM). I just figured out how to get my recently acquired Stream TV in English.

All the best!
Mud :Loco: