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David J
08-10-2004, 22:47
Trying to get set up before alighting in SVO. Is there any local ISP that is particularly dependable? Thanks in advance.:)

PS - Really sorry to have missed the soiree this evening. Looking forward to reading about it. Cheers!

09-10-2004, 14:53
Probably the best deal going is Stream, from long-established ISP MTU. ADSL is from $20/month unlimited for a slowish speed, or $30 for faster speed but with data-transfer limits. You also have to buy the ADSL modem from them, and there's a delay of around a week whilst they make a technical survey of your phone line to ascertain it is suitable.

I have heard of people having trouble with Stream - the deal is so good that the network is swamped.

Almost certainly other copy-cat services will appear soon.