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03-04-2009, 21:00
Dunno if this topic has been discussed before but have no time to rummage through the archive so any advice on buying Blackberry in Russia from experienced users will be appreciated.

I know it's a fantastic gadget from my colleagues in our offices abroad but I don't understand how this thing would work in Russia. How well will it work with local providers such as MTS or Megafon? Do I have to buy a licensed version only? Will getting a phone bought Europe hacked ensure that it will work without a hitch here with any local provider. I called Megafon and they told me that they don't sell or provide service for Blackberry at all. Does it mean that I might have problems setting up and using e-mail system on it with Megafon as the provider?

MTS seems to have a good price for Blackberry similar to the UK prices if one buys it with a VIP contract, which is quite expensive in itself. So I am thinking if it's all worth a try?

One more question - how does it compare against Nokia E71, which seems to be a good alternative? Another option is an iPhone but since I am not a fan of games and listening to music in the metro it is not a favoured choice. But if you can make comments on iPhone they will be also appreciated.

03-04-2009, 23:38
As a person who uses Blackberry also gives corporate level Technical Support of Blackberry i can share my knowledge

There is 2 type of usage of Blackberry`s
Using BIS and BES.
BIS Stands for BlackBerry Internet Service. This is your @blackberry.net email accoun provided by Mobile Service Provider such as Beeline etc.And also you can enable Gmail and Yahoo mail addresses

BES This stands for BlackBerry Enterprise Server. BES turns a BlackBerry into a powerful government-quality secure email system with full wireless email and PIM synchronization, including email folder structure, moves between foldres, deletitions, unread/read indicators, etc. An administrator can even kill a BlackBerry remotely through BES when it gets stolen too.
It completely synchronizes with your Outlook mail sub folders contacts calendars and notes for example..

We are using BES method and we have special server configured for this purpose..

For able to use any SIM card in a blackberry that sim card must be Blackberry enabled by a Mobile Service Provider..
Currently Beeline and MTS officially support Blackberry in Russia.
My question for what purpose you wanna plan to use this phone?
getting corporate mails in that phone or personal mails ?
For anyone if he/she does not want to get corporate mails and fully sync with his/her mailbox talking with his/her colleagues from Blackberry Messenger (For able to use this way BES Server needed in that company) i dont see any logic for buying a Blackberry.If you just send and receive mail Nokia Iphone or tons of other similar phones can do this...

and comparing E71 it also depends model of Blackberry Because there are too much different types of Blackberry model...

Speaking of Iphone i did not use but some of the colleagues of mine uses Iphone with their corporate mails and they are happy so far..
With Iphone version 2.0 it also support Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync which means your inbox contacts calendar notes etc fully synchronizes

I know i did not give a clear decision about your question but need to learn first what you exactly need ..

04-04-2009, 16:39
Thanks OuterSpace for your detailed explanation.

To answer the question what I need for I can tell that I'd like to have it both for corporate and private e-mails correspondence.

The thing is that my boss has actually suggested that he send me a blackberry from the UK so that I can use it when I travel although I would prefer to buy my own gadget so that I can keep it when I change jobs. But I am not sure if it will work here for corporate e-mail account since as far as I understand I won't have problems with private e-mail accounts.

I called MTS again and they told me today that they only offer Blackberry service to corporate clients and since I will be the only one using Blackberry in Russia as a private client they won't be able to help me. So I wonder if our IT manager in the UK will be able to work out the right settings for the corporate e-mail accounts and send it to me from there so that I can use it here with a local Megafon or MTS SIM card or this arrangement will not work out at all.

As far as the model is concerned I was looking at the cheapest licensed one available in Russia, which is BlackBerry Curve 8310. Do you think that E71 will work just as well for me both with private and corporate e-mail accounts and there is no need to go into trouble of buying Blackberry? I would also like, of course, to make sure that the overall quality of the connection and phone calls is excellent as well.

As for the iPhone I've already told you that somehow I believe that it is an unnecessary expense for me as the things it is most loved for like music iPod and games is not a big benefit to me although it does sound cool to own an iPhone.

04-04-2009, 18:47
If your company already has a corporate account and BES running in the UK, then it would be best if they obtain the device and set it up in the UK with a UK SIM card. You would then roam with it in Russia or anywhere else in the world that has GPRS roaming.
Blackberry BES will only work with the SIM card from the mobile network that is hosting the enterprise server. So it is pointless to try and get a SIM card from MTS or Beeline, as your Blackberry cannot be set up to sync with your corporate server if it contains an MTS or Beeline SIM.

04-04-2009, 19:34
Blackberry BES will only work with the SIM card from the mobile network that is hosting the enterprise server

Sorry but i have to disagree..As soon as any SIM card from any Mobile Network Provider Blackberry enabled it is possible to activate using very same BES without doing any extra configuration/buying..

Check this link

Running two different Blackberry Services (Telstra & Three) on One BES - BlackBerry Forums (http://www.blackberryforums.com.au/forums/general-bes-discussion/1851-running-two-different-blackberry-services-telstra-three-one-bes.html)

So it is pointless to try and get a SIM card from MTS or Beeline, as your Blackberry cannot be set up to sync with your corporate server if it contains an MTS or Beeline SIM

This is true but not because of above argument.Here in Russia Mobile Service Providers obligated giving Blackberry Support to corporates with BES buying obligation.(And not just license need you have to buy also a special server hardware)
I believe because of a security concern of a special Russian Goverment Department..(i dont wanna spell its name..You know what i mean) Just think about why Blackberry came so late to Russia..

So if i summarize if this country would be not Russia just buying a Blackberry and Blackberry enabled sim card from Beeline or MTS would be suffice..

05-04-2009, 14:32
And can anyone please tell me the approximate price for an iPhone 3G 8Gb model in the UK or rest of Europe if it is bought without a contract with cell service provider? I want to make comparisons with the prices in Russia.

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13-08-2009, 18:11
Anyone knows if it is still the case in Moscow or if it is going to move as slow as G3 ?